I have quickly become enamoured by the MMM programme and am looking forward to continuing to develop my dancing techniques as I move up the MMM colours. This Summer School was particularly challenging for me as I progressed from Basic to White colour. My athletic background seems to make it that much more difficult to develop my dance technique, but I won’t give up. My very proficient teachers and my mentor worked hard to teach me some of the White exercises, which still challenge me.


I am now in a new school, teaching dance to all year groups. MMM has made a strong impression. I selected six students to perform in the school dance production in the summer and they were the only dance group invited to perform at the school’s presentation evening.


I just wanted to say how grateful I have been for all the contributions MMM Europe has made to my dancing experience over the last six years of living in the UK. It all started with my first session of the International Summer School, followed by numerous friendships, cultural exchanges, workshops, intensives, exams and brief encounters and the endless support from MMM's encouraging and generous members. Thanks for the memories and for those to come. I am moving to Toronto, but hopefully I will dance with you all again someday in the future.


... positive plus for MMM. Victoria is a victim of Parkinsons disease. She has been a member of the Hove class for a little over a year and during that period her tenacity and strength of purpose with the exercises has amazed her consultant and resulted in curbing the advancement of the illness. Consequently she was chosen as Pupil of the Year by the City College and presented with a framed Certificate by the Mayor of Hove at a Celebration evening.



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