Teacher training

MMM maintains the highest standards in all areas of teacher training.

MMM classes exist in most areas of the United Kingdom, and strong international branches exist in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and Switzerland.


  • Health Play
  • Children's Grades
  • Elementary and Dance Technique Youth Programme
  • Adult Classes in MMM Technique
  • Classes for seniors
  • Dance Technique
  • Movement Therapy (MMMT)
  • Classes for special needs

Margaret Morris Movement Therapy (MMMT)

Classes in MMMT benefit clients with a wide range of special needs. Using creative techniques and specialist knowledge, exercises are less strenuous while encouraging mobility. Precise instructions assist individuals in gradually achieving personal goals, increasing confidence and skill levels. Discomfort is reduced, sleep and mood improve and the benefits of therapeutic exercise are realised. MMMT can be taught in

  • Special Schools
  • Special Day Units
  • Hospitals
  • Residential/Nursing Homes

MMM in Education

MMM supports Education Key Stages and Curriculum Needs.

MMM encompasses all the elements required in an all-round physical training programme such as the development of agility, sense of rhythm, balance, control co-ordination, alertness and independence. MMM is taught in some infant and junior schools.

Key stage 1 and 2 Physical Education & Music

MMM teachers support the children's school projects through the imaginative use of Health Play and the Children's Grades and creative dance. Children are encouraged to move naturally with their own freedom of movement, exploring different speeds, levels, dynamics and expression, to promote personal exploration and discovery of movement. Children articulate their feelings and moods through creative movement very effectively. Continuous verbal support and careful direction gradually builds the children's confidence and encourages their ability to perform.

Children are also educated musically through the provision of a wide variety of styles and tempo, periods and cultures. Musical instruments and exploration of percussive rhythm broaden the pupils' depth of awareness in music and increase their imagination, expressiveness and adaptability of movement emphasis and style.

The diversity in creative elements allows for every child, including those with special needs, to grow in confidence and self-expression, while group and partner work improves negotiating, communication and social skills.

A Level Students

MMM Dance Technique is an exciting modern dance method. The Syllabus's clear structure provides an ideal training for adolescents to improve their dance ability and provides them with a dance vocabulary.

MMM has successfully supported 6th form students in their A Level dance and choreographic development. Dance Technique and improvisation can be used as tools to explore choreographic ideas and to enrich individual qualities. MMM teachers also introduce students to a broad variety of dance styles, making them aware of a wide range of movement possibility. Students' individual ideas are encouraged as a base for new and exciting works.


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