Margaret Morris Movement at the 39th Anniversary of the International Dance Council in Athens

  • CID is the Convention of International Dance.
  • It is the official umbrella organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world.
  • It is the official partner of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization.

This year, the 39th Anniversary of CID was held in Athens. I felt it was the best place to introduce my presentation on ‘Margaret Morris as an English early Dance Pioneer’.

I gave two workshops on ‘The Roots’ of her ideas, and there was also an area to display pictures, information and publicity flyers.

Many people were interested in hearing about Margaret and came to enquire further about her extraordinary life and what is happening now. This was my aim… I have already been invited formally to repeat this in other countries.

In total 50 countries were represented at the event… what better way to shout about Margaret Morris and MMM today.

Over the four-day conference there were nightly performances from many areas of the world, well-rehearsed, diverse and thrilling.

In the final meeting the message from all the participants was united. The importance of dance to lift humanity in what is now a difficult world. I found being part of this ‘one voice’ experience profound.

Another aim was to find the Duncan Family house which I eventually succeeded in. It is now a dance studio and Duncan Research Centre. It was here that I was hoping to find Raymond Duncan’s Greek position drawings which I believe were shown at a museum talk in Canada. Sadly, they did not have these, so the search goes on.

Being part of the Athens convention was an extraordinary opportunity to promote MMM and display evidence of Margaret’s life not only for her huge contribution towards health and dance today but also to detail Margaret Morris Movement’s excellent ongoing training.

I am very grateful that MMMI assisted towards the costs needed to attend and take part in this event… thank you.

by Jan Houselander