• UK Trademark of MMM logo, letters and Margaret Morris Movement 
  • Margaret Morris's Dance Technique Grade 4 completed and available in print 
  • New Directors: Betty Jayet (Switzerland) and Christine Long (UK) 
  • Sport and Recreation Alliance provide zoom licenses
  • MMM courses held online via Zoom - starting with the Canadian Annual Summer Workshop 
  • Classes worldwide cancelled due to global pandemic - COVID19 
  • 2nd Edition of Drawings and Designs and the Glasgow Years completed and available in print 
  • Heroica Theatre - MMM Workshop held at Hebden Bridge 
  • 80th Anniversary of The Forsaken Mermaid (Choreography - Margaret Morris 1940) 


  • Heroica Theatre Company - launch of Margaret Morris: The Honest Artist
  • New Health Play book completed and available in print 
  • New Honorary Members: Sonja Couzy, Evelyne Elbaz, Jill Perry, Cornelia Tuthatunewa & Erica Viezner 
  • New Short Film launched on website - Alex Hobden 
  • 40th Anniversary of MMM Canada Summer Workshop 
  • 40th Anniversary of MMM Nagasaki 
  • Margaret Morris & her Dancing Children Exhibition - hosted by Perth Museum and Art Gallery 
  • 110th Anniversary of Anitra's Dance (Choreography - Margaret Morris 1909) 
  • 90th Anniversary of Tricannon (Choreography - Olwen Jacobs 1929) 


  • Launch of MMM's new website
  • New edition of MMM Basic and White Exercises completed and available in print
  • Launch of new style magazine
  • MMM Workshop given to circus performers in London with guest Erin Ball (Toronto)
  • New edition of MMM Red and Dark Pink exercises completed and available in print 
  • Rhythm & Colour by Richard Emerson completed and available in print
  • 40th Anniversary of MMM Japan 


  • 70th Anniversary of Chant Hindu – workshop and performance at Edinburgh University and hand over of original costume to join the other costumes in the MM Archive at the Fergusson Gallery
  • Celebration of 100 years of Summer School 1917-2017
  • Honorary Life Members – Robin Anderson, Gene Barefoot, Doris Dowsett-Muench, Ruth Jeayes, Kay Morrison, Janet Rendell & Valerie Wood
  • New edition of MMM Yellow & Light Pink Exercises completed and available in print
  • Inspired by Margaret Morris and the Artist community in Harlech - Light, Ladd and Emberton created a piece of work for the Gregynog Festival – performance on the beach at Harlech
  • Margaret Morris’s Dance Technique Grade 3 book completed and available in print


  • Archive Alive – event in Perth with short films, choreography by Vincent Hantam and performance of "My name is Margaret Morris" by Stuart Hopps
  • 90th Anniversary of MMM in Switzerland –workshop and celebration with visitors from many countries held in Apples, Switzerland
  • The original costume for the dance "Chant Hindu" (1947) was remade by Gemma Gunawardena and Christine Long 
  • A grant of £30,000 was awarded by Creative Scotland for a project with the University of Edinburgh to keep Margaret Morris’ archive alive at the Fergusson Gallery, Perth, and also form a research room for those interested in the many aspects of Margaret’s life
  • Margaret Morris's Dance Technique Grade 2 book completed and available in print
  • Performance by "Les Impromptues" Chantal Bréavoine, Sara Lockwood and a third dancer at DGARTS Fringe Festival “Spring Fling” 
  • Exhibition at the Modern Gallery in Edinburgh called “Scottish Woman Artists”, many of whom trained with Margaret Morris and J D Fergusson as part of the “New Art Club” in the 1940s
  • Olive Newson MBE, a supporter of MMM at the Sport & Recreation Alliance (formerly known as CCPR) died


  • International Association of Margaret Morris Movement Ltd and MMM Movement Therapy amalgamated, the new company being named Margaret Morris Movement International Limited
  • Book of MMM Green exercises completed and available in print
  • Margaret Morris’s Dance Technique Grade 1 book completed and available in print
  • Exhibition created by Chantal Bréavoine for the Cultural Department in France was brought to Summer School, consisting of 13 panels in which Margaret Morris was placed in the context of the Modern Dance scene of the time
  • MMM footage, filmed by Sue Blair in the 1960s and compiled into a film by Valerie Wood & Ralph Page, including footage of Margaret and Valerie, was shown at Summer School 
  • Promotional short DVD produced by Jordan Spilsbury from film shot at the previous Summer School in 2014
  • “Les Impromptues” choreographed by Chantal Bréavoine performed at Summer School, in France, Scotland and other locations


  • First Kilquhanity course held in April, organised by Sara Lockwood, MMM Scotland
  • Pallant House Gallery in Chichester displayed some of J.D. Fergusson’s art works. This exhibition was followed by Art and Movement sessions at the Pallant Gallery provided by Ann Flower. Funding provided by the Hosali Foundation
  • MMM Book of Blue and new edition of Orange exercises completed and available in print
  • Lecture by Kay Morrison and Sara Lockwood at the National Gallery of Scotland in collaboration with the curator of the Retrospective at the Gallery of Modern Art. They were interviewed by the Culture Show, BBC Radio about dancing with Margaret Morris and art with J D Fergusson. This was followed up with “Little Dancing Feet” workshops using art and creativity to make headdresses and dance
  • “Glasgow Girls” exhibition in Kirkcudbright, which included sketches and ink art of Margaret Morris 


  • Dance For All performance at The Edge, Much Wenlock, Shropshire 
  • MMM book of Mauve exercises completed and available in print
  • Jacqueline Harper took part in the Diamond Jubilee Pageant at RAF Cosford, attended by Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh
  • Article by Richard Emerson for SWFTA (South West Film and Television Archive) about the connection between Margaret Morris and Charles Rennie Mackintosh, who designed a theatre for her
  • Sara Lockwood collaborated with the Spring Fling Fringe in Dumfries, Scotland. She also performed Margaret Morris's dance “Anitra’s Dance” as part of the Kirkcudbright Arts Festival


  • “Dancing in the Sun” exhibition at the Fergusson Gallery, Perth, Scotland
  • Dance For All performance at The Edge, Much Wenlock, Shropshire 
  • MMM book of Crimson exercises completed and available in print
  • UK Summer Olympics - Jacqueline Harper provided dancers for the Olympian Celebration in Much Wenlock, West Midlands
  • Barbara West gave a chair Olympics session based on Margaret Morris' athletics exercises 
  • Jeanmarie Royes was an official Olympic Attendant
  • “My Name is Margaret Morris” performed by Stuart Hopps at Summer School 
  • Promotional MMM DVD produced by Ann Flower with illustrations by her daughter Gemma Craddock 
  • “Remembering Jim”, a book filled with images of Jim Hastie through the years, produced by Erica Viezner
  • A team of senior teachers started work on producing the colour books from Crimson to Green, to keep Margaret Morris’ work for future students 
  • Professor Joan White died (wrote ‘Profit Without Honour’ which described Margaret Morris as an unrecognised pioneer of dance. In 1995 she was awarded Honorary Membership Status for Services to Dance Education and was awarded a CBE in 2011 for her services to dance)
  • Suzanne Chapuis died (trained with Margaret Morris, was a pioneer of MMM in Switzerland, in 1976 became President of the MMM Swiss Association) 


  • Sue Blair died (a pupil of Margaret Morris who supported MMM all her life, in later years as Treasurer of the International Association of MMM)
  • Joan Townsend died (taught MMM in the West Indies and the UK. Trained as a physiotherapist and taught anatomy and Movement Therapy to students at Summer School)
  • Exhibition at the Fergusson Gallery on Jim Hastie’s Life 1936 – 2010
  • “My Life in Movement” translated into French by Suzanne Chapuis


  • Jim Hastie died on 17th November
  • At Lodge Hill, Jim Hastie created his last choreography for the Royal Albert Hall performance called “Centenary”. Due to his illness, Jan Houselander was asked to produce this choreography 
  • “Dancing as an Art, 100 Years of Margaret Morris Movement” exhibition at the Fergusson Gallery from February 2010 – February 2011 
  • “Movement, Light and Shadow” exhibition at Stirling University displayed a collection of digital images of Margaret Morris
  • Jim Hastie created his last demonstration piece at Summer School
  • Performances:
    • Dance For All performance at Rose Theatre, Kidderminster 
    • “Portrait of a Dancer” at Connaught Gardens, Sidmouth, Devon
    • Centenary Performance at the Showroom, University of Chichester
    • MMM Centenary performance at Lilian Baylis Studio Theatre, Sadlers Wells, London
    • “My name is Margaret Morris” at the Edinburgh Fringe by Stuart Hopps
    • CCPR National Festival of Movement and Dance at the Royal Albert Hall, London
    • 100th Anniversary Gala Evening in Canada
  • MMM demonstration of exercises and official gifting of the MM Archive to the Fergusson Gallery in Perth


  • Dance For All performance, Blakely Theatre, Weston Super Mare 
  • A two year grant was awarded in Scotland to organise the MM Archive to be opened in 2010 at the Fergusson Gallery, Perth
  • Jim Hastie was interviewed by Gillian Steel on the Celtic Ballet in the 1950s 
  • Gene Barefoot was invited to the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, accompanied by Jean Mitchell, as recognition for her 40 years of service to keeping fit and MMM Southern region
  • Iris Holdup died (started MMM in Canada)


  • Jim Hastie started inventory of Margaret Morris’s archive with over 10,000 items, ready for removal to the Fergusson Gallery, Perth, in 2010 
  • Dance For All performance at The Edge, Much Wenlock, Shropshire
  • International Summer School moved to the University of Chichester
  • 35th Anniversary of MMM in Frankfurt, Germany
  • 20th Anniversary of MMM in Perth, Australia 
  • Barbara West completed her MA Dissertation on “The Development of MMM in Continuing Practice: An Examination of Margaret Morris’s System of Training in Relation to her Core Beliefs"


  • Dance For All performance at Blakely Theatre, Weston Super Mare 
  • Jane Johnston was filmed by the BBC teaching a Health Play class and gave an interview on BBC Radio 4 about Margaret Morris, entitled Being a Tree: The Story of Margaret Morris
  • Jim Hastie also interviewed by Graeme Smith, who was writing a history of the Theatre Royal, Glasgow 
  • Andrew Rolla Bequest Exhibition at the Fergusson Gallery
  • Jacqui Carter (Publicity & Promotion and Website development for MMM died)


  • Dance For All performance at Leamington Spa
  • 80th Anniversary of MMM in Switzerland


  • Dance For All performance at Manor Pavilion, Sidmouth 
  • Performance at CCPR Movement and Dance Event at the Royal Albert Hall “On Show”. Jim Hastie gave permission to Jan Houselander to choreograph a piece based on Dance Technique
  • Jim Hastie retired from Board of Directors after 44 years of service – MMM members gifted numerous cards and flowers weekly for one year


  • Dance For All performance at Dorking, Surrey 
  • Jacqueline Harper became MMM Administrator 


  • “My Life in Movement” republished
  • Dance For All performance at Playhouse Theatre, Weston Super Mare 
  • International Summer School moved to University of Surrey, Roehampton
  • MMM's studio at Biggin Hill sold 


  • Jim Hastie stepped down as Administrator. The position was taken over by Malcolm Rose with the role of Membership Secretary taken on by Suzy Cooper and Stock Control byJacqueline Harper 
  • Dance For All performance at Royal Leamington Spa
  • MMM celebrated its 80th Summer School at Wall Hall, Hertfordshire
  • Phyl Forbes died (MMM pianist, Jim Hastie first met Phyl in 1973 at Culham College, and she continued to accompany his classes and record MMM music) 
  • Phyllis Calvert died (well known actress who started as a child dancer with Margaret Morris but had to stop due to an injury. She had been honoured in the television programme This is Your Life in 1972 and Margaret Morris was the final guest)


  • Dance For All performance at Playhouse Theatre, Weston Super Mare 


  • Performance of Jim Hastie’s “Carousel” at the CCPR Dance Festival at the Royal Albert Hall, London
  • Dance For All performance at Dorking, Surrey
  • Participation at “Dancefest 2000” at the Royal Albert Hall, London
  • Ann Cornock Taylor died (Principal with Betty Simpson and Jan Wills at MMM Glasgow School)
  • Monica Walter died (senior MMM teacher trained by Margaret Morris)


  • Dance For All performance at Brew House, Taunton, Somerset 
  • Performances at Blitz 99 Royal Festival Hall for the Southbank Dance Festival, Amnesty International and UNICEF Festival, and CCPR DANCEFEST at the Royal Albert Hall, London
  • Margaret Morris Tribute Weekend at the Cottier Theatre, Glasgow
  • Exhibition of 200 pieces of Margaret’s work at Cyril Gerber Fine Arts in Glasgow
  • The Queen visited Ann Craddock (Flower) at the North Prospect School, Plymouth, Devon


  • Dance For All performance at Corn Exchange, Bedford
  • 25th Anniversary of MMM in Paris
  • 20th Anniversary of MMM in Japan
  • 25th Anniversary of MMM in Germany
  • 10th Anniversary of MMM in Australia


  • Publication of “Margaret Morris - Modern Dance Pioneer” by Jim Hastie and Bev Trewhitt
  • “Dance Action for Youth” Book completed by Kath Watkinson
  • In October, Jim Hastie completed his new colour Magenta at the Biggin Hill Centre
  • First course in Portugal by Jim Hastie 
  • First course in Edinburgh by Jim Hastie – then taken over by Kay Morrison
  • New Movement Therapy course 
  • Dance For All performance at March Redgrave Theatre, Bristol
  • Participation at promotional exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall, London
  • Beryl Brooks died in May


  • Dance For All performance at Queen Charlotte Hall, Richmond, Surrey
  • International Summer School moved to Wall Hall, Watford, Hertfordshire
  • 70th Anniversary of MMM in Switzerland with workshops and public performances in Morges, Lake Geneva, including representatives of several overseas MMM organisations
  • Martha Arnott died in November (Martha trained in MMM and was a personal friend of Margaret and appeared with her husband James Arnott in MM's dance “Forsaken Mermaid”)


  • Participation in the Festival of Movement and Dance to celebrate the CCPR’s Diamond Jubilee at the Royal Albert Hall, with the dance “Flames”
  • Dance For All performance at West Brierley, West Midlands
  • Participation at Fairs at Olympia and the Barbican Centre, London


  • MMM International Council Scholarship Fund set up for MMM teachers in training 
  • First course at Lodge Hill in September 
  • Clare Cassidy died (senior MMM teacher trained by Margaret Morris)


  • Fergusson Gallery opened in Perth, Scotland. It won “The Museum of the Year” award and was attended by Jim Hastie and Robin Anderson
  • 70th Annual International Summer School
  • First Dance For All performance in Exeter, Devon, organised by Kath Watkinson
  • “Moves in Harmony” danced at Keep Fit Association Gala at the National Exhibition Centre Arena in Birmingham
  • Publication of “Margaret Morris” ed. Geneviève Westphal, Chiron Press, in English, French and German
  • In Russia, Evelyne Elbaz and Jim Hastie exchanged MMM dance knowledge with the Isadora Duncan Technique
  • MMM represented by Christine Profit and Vera Rose at the National Training Day for Movement and Dance Fitness for People with Disabilities


  • Centenary of Margaret Morris’s Birth: Exhibition of Margaret Morris’s art work, including paintings, drawings and costume designs, at the Cyril Gerber Fine Art Gallery, Glasgow
  • Centenary Festival of MMM at Wembley Conference Centre, London
  • Centenary Performance of historical dances at Summer School, Balls Park, Hertford
  • Publication of ‘Prophet Without Honour’ by Joan White
  • Robin Anderson gave an Inscribed Silver Tray and a £2000 cheque to Jim Hastie on behalf of MMM World Wide to mark the Centenary of Margaret’s Life
  • Articles about MMM included in both Health and Fitness and Choice Magazines


  • Jim Hastie’s first visit to Australia
  • Participation at a conference at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, entitled “La Danse, art du XXe Siècle?”
  • Laura Mitchell died in May – Author and Anatomy Teacher – developed her own ‘Mitchell Method of Relaxation’ Laura Mitchell M.C.S.P DIP D.P


  • “Choreo-graphics” by Ann Hutchinson Guest published in USA, a book comparing notation systems e.g. Labanotation,Benesh& MM Danscript


  • MMM started in Australia by Jill Perry
  • Performance by MMM dancers together with Scottish Ballet dancers at the Kings Theatre, Glasgow, on the occasion of the Glasgow Garden Festival Performance sponsored by TSB in aid of funds for Scottish Gaelic Mod (Festival).
  • Jim Hastie and Robin Anderson were Judges at the Scottish Ice Skating Championship in April 
  • Jim Hastie was interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland and Radio Clyde about Margaret and the new book about her drawing and life 
  • Laura Mitchell was Guest Teacher at MMM Summer School 
  • Jim Hastie was Guest Teacher at Scottish Ballet
  • Dorothy “Dotty” Goodman died in October


  • Participation at the Royal Albert Hall, London, in a festival for Age Concern, with an item called “77 Years Young”
  • Revival of Margaret Morris’s dance “Gloxinia” (dating from 1924) from the original notation completed by Barbara West
  • Performed “Let’s Make A Song and Dance” at the Celebrating Age Festival at the Royal Albert Hall 
  • London Dance Recital at the Studio Theatre, Richmond 
  • Nina Hosali died– Founder of SPANA with her mother, set up the Hosali Foundation with her lifelong companion Gladys Mosely, which supported various projects and organisations including some MMM projects and shows


  • Performance of reconstructed historical dances at the Robin Anderson Theatre in Glasgow by MMM with dancers from the Scottish Ballet


  • 75th Anniversary year of MMM. A national demonstration team of 40 teachers took part in the Central Council for Physical Recreation’s Golden Jubilee Festival at the Royal Albert Hall, London. MMM held its own celebration of Movement and Dance at Wembley Conference Centre, plus celebratory events at the annual Summer School where representatives from 14 countries took part
  • “Margaret Morris: Drawings, Designs and the Glasgow Years” published by the Third Eye Centre, Glasgow
  • Performances at the Grand Theatre Wolverhampton, and Third Eye Centre in Glasgow 
  • Publication of “Colour Rhythm and Dance”, catalogue of J. D. Fergusson’s and Margaret Morris’s art work as shown at the exhibition arranged by the Scottish Arts Council


  • MMM started on the Ivory Coast by Sonja Couzy
  • “The Art of Margaret Morris” exhibition at the Cyril Gerber Fine Art Gallery, Glasgow
  • 5th Anniversary of the Summer Workshop in Ottawa, Canada
  • Dance Recital at London Worlds End, Chelsea


  • Participation at the University of Surrey Conference on Early Pioneers of Modern Dance - Ruby Ginner, Madge Atkinson and Margaret Morris


  • MMM Centre, Biggin Hill, Kent, opened on 23 May, by Olive Newson, Senior Executive Officer, The Sports Council
  • Performances at the June Keep Fit National Festival at the Royal Albert Hall, London  
  • Dance recital at St Mary Abbots, London


  • Official Building Appeal Fund launched. Nina Hosali, MBE, gifted her house at Biggin Hill to MMM
  • Dance recital at the Stables Theatre, Hastings 
  • 30th Anniversary of MMM in Canada


  • Margaret Morris died in Glasgow on 29 February, aged 89 years
  • 70th Anniversary of MMM, special events held to celebrate at annual Summer School
  • Jim Hastie became full time Administrator/Director of Training and received his first salary, made possible by additional funds from the Sports Council


  • Japan first participated in the UK Summer School


  • Registration of MMM Canada, MMM Switzerland, MMM France, MMM Germany
  • Jim Hastie held the first MMM workshop in Frankfurt
  • MMM started in Japan by Sonja Couzy


  • MMM recognised for the Sports Council Full Administrative Grant
  • Re-introduction of MMM Movement Therapy Course


  • MMM awarded a Sports Council Development Grant


  • Isabel Jeayes retired as Hon. Organiser of MMM. Jim Hastie took over her duties as Hon. Administrator


  • “The Art of J. D. Fergusson” by Margaret Morris, published by Blackie & Son Ltd.


  • “Margaret Morris Movement” film made by Scottish Arts Council and Educational Films of Scotland, available on hire from Scottish Film Council, Glasgow


  • “Creation in Dance and Life” by Margaret Morris published by Peter Owen
  • At the age of 81, Margaret Morris was asked, and agreed, to train the young dancers of the hit musical “Hair” at the Metropole Theatre, Glasgow, assisted byJim Hastie
  • Sonja Couzy started teaching MMM in Germany


  • “My Life in Movement” by Margaret Morris published by Peter Owen


  • “My Galsworthy Story” by Margaret Morris published by Peter Owen


  • From 1961 onward MMM Teacher Training continued at Intensive Courses held at the annual Summer Schools, at special courses held at Easter and at other times during the year when required. MMM classes continued in schools, in recreational evening institute centres, in hospitals, clinics, homes for the elderly, classes for the disabled, day centres, etc.
  • Toured Howard & Wyndham’s No. 1 Theatres in Scotland and England
  • After the death of her husband J. D.  Fergusson, closed the Glasgow School
  • London school closed on the death of its Principal, Betty Simpson
  • The consequent closing of both these premises meant the loss of MMM’s office and studios


  • Formed Scottish National Ballet and appeared at the Festival Theatre, Pitlochry


  • Celtic Ballet appeared at Festivals in Russia, Austria and Czechoslovakia


  • Celtic Ballet season in USA at Ted Shawn’s Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival, and a tour of Summer Theatres there


  • Celtic Ballet season, Theatre Royal, Glasgow
  • Iris Holdup awarded Honorary Fellowship (FMMM) for her work in Canada 
  • London School re-opened. Teacher training, hospital work and recreational classes resumed


  • Formed small professional company, the Celtic Ballet of Scotland, toured in Scotland and France


  • Formed the Celtic Ballet Club and produced several big ballets for War Charities, with 60 amateur dancers


  • War closed down all HQ Centres in Great Britain except Glasgow. Margaret Morris settled in Glasgow where MMM was well established in the training of teachers, classes in schools, clubs, recreational evening classes, in hospitals, clinics, etc.

By 1939

  • MMM Centres in USA, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cuba, France, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, West Indies
  • Other books written by Margaret Morris up to this time were:
  • Margaret Morris Dancing (with Fred Daniels, pub. Kegan Paul, 1925)
  • The Notation of Movement (Kegan Paul, 1928)
  • Skiing Exercises (with Hans Falkner, Heinemann, 1934)
  • Maternity and Post-operative Exercises (with M. Randell, Heinemann, 1936)
  • Basic Physical Training (Heinemann, 1937)


  • “Basic Physical Training Association” was formed, Chairman: The Marquess of Cholmondeley. Prospectus drawn up and printed for Loughborough College, for a 3 year course. Aims of the Association were to form a training centre for men, run intensive courses for sportsmen, gymnasts, schoolmasters, and evening classes for businessmen, and train teachers and leaders all over the country
  • The intervention of war prevented this scheme from being carried out


  • Founder member, National Advisory Council of Physical Training and Recreation - later transferred to the Central Council of Physical Recreation
  • The Marquess of Cholmondeley’s “Experiment in a Rural District” on his estates in Norfolk and Houghton Hall. “Basic and Recreative Training” - 2 week course
  • Classes were also held at Aldershot Army HQ following a lecture demonstration by Margaret Morris.
  • Private lessons were given by Margaret Morris at this time to many international athletes and sportsmen, including Jack Lovelock (running), Roland Harper (hurdling), W. W. Wakefield (rugger), a French fencer, an Australian golfer, a skier, “Bunny” Austin and Betty Round (tennis); Suzanne Lenglen insisted on MMM being taught in her Paris school and produced with Margaret Morris the book “Tennis by Simple Exercises” (Heinemann 1937). For each type of sport, special exercises were created


  • Dance Festival in Florence, Italy - MMM was chosen to represent Britain, and won 3rd prize 

1931, 1935, 1936, 1938

  • Additional headquarters opened in this order: Paris, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Aberdeen
  • Teacher training courses and classes held at each HQ and in schools, clubs, hospitals and clinics, as at London HQ. Diploma Courses held for student nurses at Western Infirmary, Glasgow, for many years


  • St. Thomas’s Hospital (Sister Randall) arranged meanwhile for Margaret Morris to train in Physiotherapy there, and in 1930 she passed the examinations of the Chartered Society of Massage and Medical Gymnastics, with Distinction 


  • First lecture demonstration to doctors in Paris, followed by lectures to midwives, and classes in several hospitals for convalescents, and handicapped children
  • As a result of these lectures, the Heritage Craft School for Cripples, Chailey, asked for a resident teacher of MMM. This work continued for 25 years, until the setting up of the National Health Service when formal methods used in all hospitals were insisted upon
  • Doctor Rollier, who ran about a dozen TB clinics at Leysin, Switzerland, saw the work at Chailey and engaged MMM resident teachers for his patients. This work continued for over 15 years. His two daughters trained in London 
  • During all this period short tours with the Dance Company were continuing. Demonstrations to schools resulted in demands for teachers for both boys and girls.


  • First lecture demonstration to doctors on the remedial possibilities of MMM was given in London


  • Started the first “Educational School” in England to combine normal educational subjects with professional training in dancing and acting
  • Gradually became interested in the remedial aspects of movement 


  • First Summer School in Devon, since held annually continuously to present date, except for the war years; in the early years two per year, one in England and one in the South of France


  • Produced at her Theatre an interpretation of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, costumes designed by J. D. Fergusson, and subsequently performed with full orchestra at the Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, and at Harrogate


  • Started the “Margaret Morris Club”, Flood Street, Chelsea, for productions of original works and free discussion


  • Took a troupe to Paris to dance at the Marigny Theatre, on the Champs Elysées. Met J. D. Fergusson, with whom she studied painting, and who later became her husband, also Art Director of all MMM Schools. Painting and Design became an integral part of the students’ curriculum, which already included acting, dance composition and improvisation, normal educational subjects, and her system of Dance Notation.


  • Created the part of Guinevere Megan in “The Pigeon” by John Galsworthy at the Royalty Theatre, acting with Gladys Cooper and Dennis Eadie
  • Margaret Morris Season at the Royal Court Theatre, London. Ballets included “Callisto” by Maurice Hewlett and “The Little Dream” by John Galsworthy
  • Acclaimed by the Press as the first woman “actor manager” and the youngest, being only 21; Royal Court Theatre Season
  • Started the first small theatre in London - Kings Road, Chelsea - giving Christmas Seasons for children, performed by children, including Angela and Hermione Baddeley, Phyllis Calvert


  • Choreographer and Principal Dancer for “The Little Dream” - a fantasy by John Galsworthy - at Miss Horniman’s Theatre, Manchester
  • Created “dancing scenery” for Rutland Boughton’s opera “The Birth of Arthur” at the Winter Gardens, Bournemouth. He also asked her to choreograph dances in “The Immortal Hour” for Glastonbury Festival, but being unable to leave her school for so long, she delegated the work to a very talented pupil, Penelope Spencer.


  • Started her own School of Dancing in St. Martin’s Lane with the help of John and Ada Galsworthy: the beginning of MMM
  • Toured with her own company, first called “Margaret Morris and her Dancing Children”
  • Produced the dances for Sir Herbert Tree’s production of “Henry VIII”
  • Played Water in “The Blue Bird” by Maeterlinck at the Haymarket Theatre
  • First big ballets staged for Marie Brema’s production of Gluck’s “Orpheus” at the Savoy Theatre, London
  • Margaret Morris trained the dancers in her new technique for a month before rehearsals; she also designed the costumes and decor. The Daily Express said “... the triumph of the production is Miss Margaret Morris’s “Dance of the Furies”, nothing like it has ever been seen on the London stage”


  • Met Raymond Duncan, brother of Isadora, who taught her the Greek positions he had collected, and which she incorporated in the technique she was evolving for creative dances


  • Joined the Benson Shakespearian Company as “Ingenue Principal Dancer” and understudy to Lady Benson


  • Played child parts in Drury Lane melodramas, and in “The Water Babies” at the Garrick Theatre
  • Between tours, studied dancing with John d’Auban, ballet master at Drury Lane, but began to compose dances of her own and at the age of twelve reacted against the limitations of the Italian classical ballet technique. Began creating more natural exercises but realised also that a basic training was necessary, even for free and original dances


  • Joined the Ben Greet Shakespearian Company. Played Puck in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in the Botanic Gardens, London. Remained three years with the Company, acting and dancing 


  • First stage engagement in pantomime - “Red Riding Hood” at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth. Played First Fairy “Twinkle Star” with solo dances and recitations before a front drop 


  • Began reciting professionally in French, later in English, at parties, smoking concerts, and Court drawing rooms


  • Margaret Morris born in Kensington, London