“The first thing I liked about summer school was the warm-up in the morning and getting to dance with people of different ages. The second thing was the Grades with Sara and Chantal, this was good because we learned a lot about the history of Modern Dance and Margaret Morris; in this session we had the chance to dance inside and outside! I enjoyed the Creative Dancing with Ann where we used a range of colourful material, which we played with and made shapes resulting in making a wonderful piece of art." - Laura

“My favourite part of dance camp was that we got to meet new people and make new friends from different countries. I also really liked that we got to be creative with the dances and that there was all different kinds of evening activities." - Sarah

“I really liked the warm-up in the morning because it was with everyone and they were really nice and involved you. Also, I liked dance classes where we learnt lots of different dances; I liked the challenge of learning a longer dance with lots of technical moves. I think that my dancing and range of dance movements improved and developed and I brought them back to Scotland with me.” - Florrie

"Summer School was a wonderful experience. I loved meeting people from other countries and making new friends. It was great to have different teachers and to learn different choreography. Some of it was very challenging, but it was really rewarding when I finally got it! I left the week tired but more confident having spent the week away from my family.” - Stephanie

"The lessons are really fun and we learn lots of new movements and dances and get to make our own up. And I like doing the exercises well and getting good marks." - Millie, Grade 3

"I like dancing MMM because we can have fun." - Sophie, Health Play  

"I like going to dance class because if I couldn't I wouldn't be happy." - Tess, Grade 1 

"I like doing all the dances and practicing them and I like performing on stage to the parents."  - Chloe, Grade 1