Summer School 2021 Information

Summer school

Dear Members,


The Summer School Team is looking forward to welcoming you to this year’s 99th International Summer School – Online from 2 to 6 August!


Attached to this email you will find the timetable including the email addresses for registration and details. Also attached is details for the Spirit of Dance Evening on Friday 6th August. You will also find this information on our website:  


There are classes suitable for all levels, so you will be sure to find something to suit your taste.

Please note:

  • there will be one Seated Class – Friday morning, with Evelyne – for which you will need a chair
  • for the Posture & Relaxation class with Denise on Thursday you will need a chair and a mat or suitable floor space to lie down
  • for Jan’s Blue and Green colour class, exercises will be adapted where needed

Any other special details will be mentioned in the email with the link.


The Zoom “hosts” will use the same link for all the classes they are hosting, so for example all classes / sessions for which you register with Denise will have the same Zoom link. This applies to the evening sessions too. For our participants’ lists please let us know when you register which classes you intend to take.


Example: I wish to register for the two classes on Monday morning and Wednesday’s evening session; I register with Denise for these, and I can use the same link for both. I also wish to take the Thursday afternoon classes, so I register with Ann for these and receive a different link for Thursday afternoon.


The links will be sent to those who have registered just before the day of the classes, so they will be at the top of your inbox and easy to find.


The Summer School online classes are free for current members of MMM International – if you have not renewed your membership for the current year (due 1st April 2021), please do remember to do so before registering for the Summer School classes. For membership renewal, please contact Membership Secretary, Gail Borrows:


Will Country Representatives please pass on these details to current members in your countries / areas.  


Hoping to see you all again online very soon!


With best wishes,


The Team

Jacqueline – Denise – Gillian


Spirit of Dance evening

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